Welcome to Salon Natalya!

My name is Natalya. I am Licensed Esthetician, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Aromatherapist; Specialist of Essential, Botanical, and Vegetable Oils.

I am proud to invite you into my unique home salon; an environment that is clean, safe and relaxing, and where customers will receive prompt and professional service.

Over the years I have created a nourishing environment, that blends the philosophies of ancient Ayurveda with the traditional Aromatherapy Core Beliefs that I have studied and which I am deeply passionate about and wish to share with my clients.

At Salon Natalya, I have combined my learning with in-depth training as an aesthetician, and now offer clients; excellent beauty services that are both individualized and holistic as well as specialized. I am adept in the practical services for beauty and offer the usual range of Waxing Services, as well as Tinting and Individualized tailor-made Custom Facial treatments for every kind of client!

I am an expert in modern practical aesthetic techniques and strive to deliver to the individuality of all my clients and their inner and outer beauty. I believe my practice is both unique and encompassing and am passionate in the belief; that; beautiful skin is healthy skin, and to understand beauty; to be beautiful, that it is important and helpful to understand the relationship to health within the body itself.

During the Initial Consultation, I will identify possible symptoms and causes of the skin conditions and look to find the right treatment solution to fix it; from within the parameters of natural solutions that are available today and that I have researched within these ideologies.

Clients can expect for me to utilize Essential Oils, Herbs, all Natural solutions and Ayurveda prinicples, which in turn treat the surface issue and look to penetrate deep within the skin itself. My goal is to correct the imbalance that may be causing the symptom in the first place, treat and nourish from within and to nurture your inner and outer beauty.

I am so lucky as I LOVE what I do, and work in an arena that I am continuing to learn and grow and develop. 

Welcome to the world of Salon Natalya!