We all know about toxins our body accumulates from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and of course emotional toxins from stress! Keeping toxins inside for a long time will create a lot of health issues. We need to release them from our body and allow it to breathe freely.

Some simple yet profound self-care rituals that have been used in Ayurvedic practice for centuries will help you to achieve this goal.

Oil Pulling (gandusha)

In Ayurveda, the purpose of oral hygiene goes beyond sanitation. According to Ayurveda, caring for your taste organs supports speech and enhances your ability to taste.

Oil pulling/swishing has become increasingly popular in the past five years. It is an Ayurvedic detoxification technique that:

  • removes bacteria in the mouth
  • protects the teeth from cavities
  • alleviates oversensitivity to hot and cold in the teeth
  • strengthens teeth, gums and the jaw
  • prevents hoarseness of the voice
  • prevents wrinkles by strengthening the muscles in the face
  • helps prevent loss of taste
  • boosts immunity
  • purifies the entire system

Oil pulling has been used in Ayurveda as a practice that helps over 30 systemic illnesses, including headaches, hypertension, diabetes and asthma.  It is typically done with Sesame and/or Coconut oil. For an added benefit, essential oils can be added to the oil. 

We accumulate a lot of toxins in our mouth during the night, that’s why it’s very beneficial to do oil pulling right when you wake up in the morning, prior to brushing your teeth.   

  • place approximately 2–3 teaspoons (10–15 ml) of oil in the mouth
  • gently swish back and forth, occasionally pulling the oil through the teeth
  • continue for 10-15 min
  • over time, the viscous oil becomes thin and white as it fills with toxins and bacteria and should be spit out
  • rinse your mouth with warm water
  • brush your teeth

For the best results, make this a regular part of your normal oral hygiene routine. Start with just 1 or 2 min and gradually increase time to 10-15 min. Many people find it easy to fit this into their routine by swishing while they are getting dressed, taking a shower, or simply relaxing.

Application of oil in the nose (Nasya)

Nasya is application medicated oil in the nostrils.

  • daily soothes and protects the nasal passages
  • reduces stiffness in the neck and jaw and
  • is great for insomnia

Oil has a unique property to penetrate through obstructions in the body, and in the form of Nasya the oil helps to break up and loosens access of “phlegm”, which can then be easily expectorated.

All you need is some “Nasya oil “and a dropper.

-Begin by comfortably lying down on your back and tilting your head back with your nostrils opening towards the sky. If you are lying on a bed, you may hang your head off the edge of the bed, or place a small pillow beneath your neck for support.

-Place 3–5 drops of Nasya Oil in each nostril and inhale.

-You will be able to taste it. If the oil comes out through the mouth, you can spit it out.

This type of nasya can be performed of most people, but contraindicated in acute conditions of the nasopharynx, such as in a cold, fever or flu.   

Another Ayurvedic practice is Abhyanga (Self-massage)

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