There’s a current craze surrounding the use of oil for different health practices. In Ayurveda, the craze is thousands of years old! There is a long tradition of using herbal oils to support and maintain health. The current trend and ancient wisdom agree that washing your face with oil is more beneficial.

With a little explanation about why oil can be the best cleanser for your skin, even the skeptical are persuaded!

How Our Skin Works

The sebaceous glands in our skin produce an oily, waxy substance called sebum. Sebum is our skin’s natural hydration and protection. A healthy amount is like a barrier, protecting our skin from environmental factors and infection. 

If we try to counter the dirt and residue with soap, we risk washing away the healthy layer of sebum with it.

 Washing with soap results in the dry skin getting drier and surprisingly, the oily skin becoming oilier.

As you wash repeatedly with soap to erase your blemishes or your propensity to oily skin, your body wises up.

The natural oils start to be stripped away and your skin produces more and more in an effort to keep the hydration and protection it needs. 

Oil is more skilled at cleansing and balancing the hydration of your skin than soap, and it is a closer match to your skin’s natural outer layer. It has a soft quality that can help to draw out impurities, making it much easier to unclog pores. As it helps to pull away dirt, makeup, and pollutants, it also attracts any excess oil.

The outcome? Clean, soft, hydrated skin. All the bad stuff gets washed away, but the natural hydration of the skin is maintained. For some, this could even mean reducing the amount of creams, oils, and moisturizers used after cleansing. 

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